The life of an international MBA student studying in the US is chaotic. Between coursework, employer visits, casing prep, resume rewrites, networking, club activities, exams, group projects, and social events, the MBA student life happens at a fast pace. Add to that the cultural experience of navigating life in a foreign country and working in a second or third language, and it’s easy to see why finding time for anything outside of those essential activities is a challenge.

So keeping up to date with news and events beyond MBA life is tough. As a busy student you probably ignore 98% of the email newsletters you get in a day. But there are three email newsletters that shouldn’t be ignored. They are packed with the information that will help you stand out to American employers. They’ll improve your conversational skills because you’ll have ideas to share and opinions on your target industry.

Here are three email newsletters to read daily.

CB Insights

MBA’s want tech jobs. But with nearly all industries considering themselves tech (well, except for those old school MBAs in consulting, but even they’re shifting), saying you want to work in tech doesn’t have much meaning. So get specific about what type of work you want and what type of tech interests you. CB Insights’ daily newsletter offers a data-backed analysis of trends, investment, and insights on emerging markets and technology. You’ll sound smart when you talk to employers about blockchain’s effect on capital markets, the future of fintech, or the how AI is affecting e-commerce.  They’re also mighty clever. They mock consultants and bad data vis regularly. And nearly every newsletter is signed with I love you. So charming.

The Skimm

International student MBA
International Student MBA

You’ve come to the US to learn about American culture. The Skimm is American culture in a nice daily package. Read this newsletter to learn what’s Americans are talking about. This newsletter will help you keep track of what’s going outside your MBA cohort. Use it to improve your small talk and learn some American slang.

Morning Brew



The Morning Brew offers bitesize pieces the news every MBA student can use. Market snapshots to prepare you for an interview, quotes by leaders that make good conversation starters (“Did you hear what Steve Wozniak said about Elon!?”), and quizzes that’ll keep your brain sharp. Plus you’ll learn about companies you might not have thought about before.

Staying informed about business trends and American culture will benefit you throughout your recruiting experience. Don’t be shy about sharing your thoughts with recruiters or alumni on industry trends. Your ability to contribute to a conversation and engage will help you stand out in the MBA job search.

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