International Student Careers is a career resource for international students studying in the US. It is part of GlobalMe School, an online career training school that teaches globally ambitious students how to build global careers.

International Student Careers features resources related to all things global careers: online courses and how-to articles that answer international students top questions.

My passion for global careers stems from a job-hopping career spent in international education. I’m also a former international student career coach. For two action-packed years I worked as a global career coach at Yale School of Management, helping international students, alumni, and executives build international careers. I’ve helped hundreds of globally-minded students land positions at leading companies like Google, Amazon, Bain and BCG as well as startups, NGOs, and nonprofits. While I loved coaching, I love teaching even more. I designed and delivered over 25 interactive career workshops. My workshops were informed by deep partnerships with leading employers around the world. I partnered with global employers to learn about their global talent needs.

I founded GlobalMe School to bring advanced career training to international students with a focus on preparing students and young professionals for the Future of Work. With advances in automation, artificial intelligence, the future of work belongs to those who can adapt and upskill.

I write on the future of work and online learning at You can also find me in the usual online places: LinkedIn and Twitter. If you reach out on LinkedIn, send a personalized message so I know why we should connect.

The Internship Success Checklist

It's internship season. Are you prepared? Learn internship search secrets in this webinar for international students studying in the US.

The Internship Success Checklist webinar is your guide to succeeding in your US internship search. You'll learn:

  • Websites to help you find internships
  • How to find your fit as an international student
  • How to get noticed by employers
  • What to expect in your internship search
  • Timelines for hiring interns

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