“Despite the fact that most current students said that they were not seeking to remain in the U.S. longterm, quite a few hoped to gain substantial work experience in order to help launch careers at home or abroad. Most were confident that they would do so in short order … Nearly two-thirds (63 percent) wished to extend their work experience past the term of OPT or Academic Training programs.”
– WENR: Career Prospects and Outcomes of U.S.-Educated International Students: Improving Services, Bolstering Success


Setting international students up for job search success in the US is always on the mind of career services departments. But with limited resources and staff, creating new programming specifically for international students is a challenge.

GlobalMe School is designed to help career services offices support international students. We offer a full suite of support options from online courses to in-person workshops that help your international students meet their career goals. Our career training teaches the basics of the US internship and job search to new international students while also introducing them to job searches outside of the US. We take students step by step through the search process while covering concepts specific to international students, such as:

  • Overcoming cultural challenges in the job search
  • American business communication and email etiquette
  • Understanding H-1B challenges
  • Finding companies that sponsor international students
  • Talking to employers at career fairs about sponsorship
  • Storytelling and professional branding in American culture
  • Building formal business relationships and informational interviewing
  • American style networking tips for international students
  • Creating informative LinkedIn profiles and personal websites to stand out to employers
  • Looking for opportunities outside the US

Below are international student career support tools for your department. Include them in your pre-matriculation outreach, orientation materials, and career websites.

Online Courses


GlobalMe School offers career training courses designed specifically for international students in the US.

The most popular courses are:

  • Introduction to the US Internship Search
    • Provides an overview of on-campus recruiting, cultural challenges, hiring timelines, and US employer expectations. Helpful for 1 yr degree students searching for full time roles.
  • Informational Interviewing for International Students
    • Teaches informational interviewing from start to finish, and includes outreach templates, screenshare videos demonstrating LinkedIn concepts, visual maps of the engagement process, and an overview how to create personal  websites and online portfolios. 
  • Interview Confidence for International Students
    • Uses video examples to demonstrate good and bad behavioral interview styles. Also teaches students how to build and practice their professional story. Includes overview of salary negotiation and US benefits, plus a a bonus video discussion with a hiring manager on what they look for in candidates.
Price: $59 each


Webinar bundle


GlobalMe webinars cover in-demand career topics for international students while giving students opportunities to ask questions. The content includes slides that visualize important job search concepts (i.e. Informational Interview process). All webinars are available for purchase as a webinar package with new webinars added at no extra charge. Each webinar includes Q&A from international students and additional resources related to the topic.

Price: $30 for the bundle


Subscription Pass

career services international students

Students can purchase an all access pass to courses for international students on GlobalMe School.
Subscribers to the Get Hired: The US Job Search package get access to:

  • Introduction to the US Internship Search (online course)
  • Informational Interviewing for International Students (online course)
  • Interview Confidence for International Students (online course)
  • The Top 250 Companies that Offer H1B (Company profile list)
  • The Internship Checklist (Webinar)
  • How to Get a Job in the US (Webinar)
  • Advanced Topics: Navigating the International Student Job Search (Webinar)

New GlobalMe courses and webinars are added to the bundle at no extra charge to students. Subscribers also get access to a private Facebook group for ongoing Q&A and resource sharing.

career services international students

Price: $29/month per student

Additional Support for Career Services

International student career goals kick off the workshop


In-person workshops are available during specific times of the year. Contact for schedule and pricing.

international student career servcies

Story building at Cornell

The US Job Search

This half day workshop covers the basics of the US job search including:

  • American employer expectations
  • How to find companies that sponsor international students
  • American style networking
  • Storytelling and informational interviewing
  • Searching for jobs outside the US

The goal of our workshops is to teach and practice soft skills that students need to impress employers. Each workshop includes multiple interactive exercises so students experience and reflect on new behaviors.


Career Coaching International Students

career services international students

Coaching international students through their job search takes creativity and flexibility. This short online course, Career Coaching International Students, teaches career services professionals how to adapt traditional techniques to better help international students navigate their US and global job searches.

Price: $55


international student career advising

Arriving in August 2018, this practical guide is packed with information that helps international students navigate every aspect of the US job search. From understanding American employer expectations, to company sponsorship, to American-style networking, to negotiation, this book will give international students a solid foundation to start their US internship or job search.