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Want to learn real skills that impress US employers? Want to learn tactics and strategy for your US job internship and job search? We offer in-person workshops for international students in the US. Each interactive workshop is taught by Nicolle Merrill, author of How to Get a Job in the USA: A Practical Guide for Ambitious International Students

Our career workshops for international students are fast-paced and cover the most important knowledge for your US job or internship search:

  • Finding companies that sponsor international students in the H-1B job search
  • Identifying H-1B jobs and OPT jobs
  • How to build an H-1B jobs list
  • How to start conversations with people at events and during informational interviews
  • How to conduct informational interviews and network like an American
  • What American employers expect from you
  • Cultural differences in the hiring process
  • How to search for jobs outside the US when you’re not sure about H-1B jobs

Career workshops for international students: Build skills for the H-1B job search

We want you to build skills that you’ll actually use in the US job search. We’ll help you identify your job search goals and give you the advice you need to achieve them.

Watch the video below for a look at how we teach you to succeed in informational interviews. We’ll spend an entire afternoon during the workshop helping you understand how to network like an American.

(The full webinar for informational interviews is included in our International Student Job Search Startup Package)

Our workshops build skills. You’ll practice the communication and relationship building skills employers seek in our workshops.

Take a look at the storytelling action from a recent workshop at UC Davis:

We specialize in the job search for international students

You’ll also get your most important questions about the US job search answered. We want to make sure you have all the information you need to succeed in your search. What would you add to the boards below?

H-1B job search

Get your top questions answered and clarify your goals

Think of us like your US job search ambassador! International student career training is our speciality. We’ll help you understand the H-1B job search and give you the skills you need to succeed.

Learn how to expand your search outside the US

During the workshop, we’ll talk about your opportunities outside of the US and how to find them. Here’s a look at how careers are changing and why international students like you are in the best position to navigate the future of work: