H1B changes 2019: Latest news for international students

The rumors around H1B changes have been around for months. Yesterday, we finally heard updated USCIS H1B news. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released their final decision on H1B changes.

First, here is what did not change. The H1B visa is still obtained through an employer. The H1B visa process will still be done through a lottery. There are still only 85,000 H1B visas available (excluding cap exempt H1B visas).

However, the order in which they process H1B visas has changed. Instead of having two lotteries, with one specific one for advanced degrees, they will have only one. USCIS predicts that the change will “increase the number of advanced-degree holders selected in the lottery by 16 percent, or 5,340 workers each year.”

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H1B changes 2019: How they affect international students

The good news (if you’re a graduate student): You have a better chance of getting an H1B visa in the lottery.

The bad news: It’s still a lottery system which still makes employers nervous. Getting an H1B visa is still very much luck.

What stays the same: You still have to convince employers to sponsor you. That’s where the hard work is. The new H1B changes do not change that. It will still be just as hard to find companies that sponsor. It’s not impossible though.

As an international student in a new country, you have to learn how to job search. To get companies to sponsor you, must become the best candidate possible. It takes a lot of work.

Beyond H1B changes 2019: What to focus on now

Now that you know for certain about H1B changes, focus your attention on becoming the candidate that employers want to sponsor. The most in demand international students have:

Technical skills like data analytics, data science, data engineering and architecture, coding skills, software engineering, machine learning, etc.

Communication skills like relationship building, project and product management, and written communication skills.

A unique offer that helps the company do business better or solve an important problem.

Employers want to hire candidates who have a perfect combination of technical and communication skills. If you want to get sponsored, always ask yourself this question before applying: What do I offer the team and company that I want to join? When you know the answer, you’re ready to apply for the job.

Advice for the H1B Job Search

Finding companies that sponsor international students is only one small step. There’s much more to do. Use the resources below to make sure you’re learning all of the pieces to get a company to sponsor you in the US.

Learn how to get a job in the US job.

Create a strong American Style resume

Create a professional story so employers get to know you

Hang out with Americans

Explore how to find companies that sponsor

Get better at reaching out to people on email and conduct informational interviews

Learn how to interview in the American culture.

Get practical experience outside of the classroom

Support for the H1B Job Search

We offer a lot of support for international students looking to work in the US.

Opportunities beyond the H1B Job Search

Tech jobs abroad

Since getting an H1B visa is part luck, there’s good reason to look at opportunities beyond H1B jobs.

For example, Canada has better visa process than the US. Canada is actively open for foreign tech workers.

There are also plenty of opportunities at international startups.

For serious job seekers who want to pursue a job outside the US, check out our webinar for a step by step discussion: How to Build an International Job Search Strategy

H1B visa latest news 2019: How H1B changes affect international students

Update! The rules have been finalized. See our new post on H1B changes 2019. 

Following the H1B visa latest news 2019 is a challenge. H1B visa news is complicated, slow, and evolving. Earlier this week the Trump administration announced possible changes to the H1B visa that will affect international students, US companies that hire international students, and career services staff. Below we cover the H1B visa latest news for 2019.

It is important to state that H1B changes have not happened. Instead, these are proposals. Always get your H1B visa latest news from an official source.

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How to find tech jobs for foreigners in Canada

Canada is making it easier for international job seekers to get jobs in tech. Getting tech jobs for foreigners in Canada just got easier thanks to Canada’s Global Skills Strategy, a streamlined visa process to make it easy for Canadian tech companies to hire international talent. The new immigration pathway, called Global Talent Stream, allows Canadian companies to get a visa for an international candidate in as little as two weeks. With the Global Talent Stream, Canada signals that it is open to talented tech workers around the world.

If you are looking for Global Talent Stream companies, how to get job offer in Canada from outside the country, or just curious about jobs for foreigners in Canada, review the resources below.

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When companies don’t sponsor h1b, why don’t they just tell you?

We created a Facebook group for international students to get help in the international student job search. Sometimes we share H-1B jobs or internships in the group. We share articles from this site and updates from LinkedIn contacts. We also answer questions about the international job search.

This week’s post is the answer to a question about companies who don’t sponsor international students.  It comes from an international student who’s curious about why companies don’t tell students that they don’t sponsor international students.

In the H1B job search there are three different companies:  1) companies that sponsor H1B, 2) companies that don’t sponsor international students, and 3) companies who won’t tell you they don’t sponsor H1B until the student gets to the end of interview.

Investing time and resources into a job only to find out at the end of an interview that they don’t sponsor is super frustrating. So we are thrilled to answer this question.

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200 Employers that Hire STEM OPT International Students

While there’s still no official list of companies that sponsor H-1B, there is now a list for companies that hire international students on STEM OPT. The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) just released a list of STEM OPT employers that provided STEM OPT in 2017. That means these companies are hiring opt international students.

All F1 visa students have the option for OPT visa. If you are a international student studying in a STEM field (science, tech, engineering or math), you have the option to apply for an OPT STEM extension for an additional 2 year of OPT. (note: if any of this doesn’t make sense – check in with your international student office for an intro to your work authorization options!)

Understanding companies that hire OPT students


Many employers on this list are IT outsourcing or staffing companies. Companies like Tata, Infosys, Cognizant Technology Solutions, and more are outsourcing companies. While they are companies that hire international students they are less likely to sponsor for H-1B. So if your goal is to stay beyond the length of your OPT STEM extension, we don’t advise working for IT outsourcing or staffing companies.

Research is an important part of an H1B job search

Staffing companies like Kforce and Kelly Services, for example, also pay less as they are charging the hosting employer a fee for placing you. Always do your research on all companies to learn whether you will be employed directly by the target company, a staffing service, or an IT outsourcing company. 

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4 Easy Ways Career Coaches Can Support International Students

This post is for career services staff who support international students in their job search. 

Each year the Institute of International Education (IIE) produces an annual report, Open Doors, summarizing important trends in international education. The report offers a glimpse into international students trends, including students’ academic and increasingly professional journey.  In 2017/18 the number of international students studying in the US reached 1,094,792. A record number of international students, 203,462, took advantage of OPT in the 2017/18 year, an 15% increase from the 2016/17 school year.

The challenges for international students looking for work in the US are immense. From navigating American style networking to understanding the H-1B job search process to figuring out what exactly to say to people on LinkedIn, international students need more support in their search compared to their American peers. Despite the challenges, the majority of international students want the opportunity to experience working in the US.

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How to build your confidence for informational interviews

Reaching out and asking strangers for a professional interview is a large part of the international student job search. Informational interviews are the must-have tool for your US job search. Without them, you will not get hired in the US.

Informational interviews are conversations with professionals. They give professionals an opportunity to get to know you. Use informational interviews as a tool to build relationships with connections inside companies you’d like to work. When people get to know you and your qualifications, they are more likely to refer you when a position opens.

The conversations also give you an opportunity to learn about the company and roles that interest you. Think of informational interviews as a way of gathering data about a company.  The more you know, the more competitive you will be in the job search.

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Get job search tips for international students in this career support group

Searching for a job in a foreign country is hard work. Finding companies that sponsor and creating a solid H-1B jobs list is a frustrating process. Getting rejected from an interview sucks. So sometimes it’s good to have a bit of support.

This year GlobalMe School has created an easy place to find job search tips for international students. In our new Facebook group for international student careers, you have a place to share experiences, ask questions, and meet each other.

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American hiring secrets: Why you’re not getting called back

American hiring

Insight into American recruiters

The American hiring process is challenging for new international students. It’s filled with a lot of rejection. Sometimes the rejection is because they company doesn’t provide sponsorship. But other times, the rejection is for another reason: the student was not a fit for the job. Other times, the student wasn’t likable enough for the position.Recruiters are looking for future employees who are a fit and who are likable. If you don’t understand those concepts, you won’t get hired.

Likability and fit are two concepts of the American hiring process that surprise many international students. But they are incredibly important to learn if you want to get hired in the US. You can’t learn them in class. You won’t learn them from friends. You will only learn them through practice and research.

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MBA internships for international students: a timeline

internships for international students

It’s summer time which means incoming international MBA students are already preparing for their big adventure abroad. If you’re an international MBA student moving to the US, your adventure will include landing a US internship to get US work experience. The MBA internship search is a competitive process, combining equal parts strategy, creativity, and luck. It’s unlike anything you’ve experienced before.

Each year international MBA students succeed in finding their ideal internship in the US. Successful international MBA students start early. They build relationships with everyone, from their career services offices, to campus clubs, to employers and alumni who visit campus. They learn everything they can about how to search for internships in the US.

Finding your dream internship in the US requires more than a good resume or attending a good school. You must learn about work authorization, practice networking skills, and build relationships with companies that offer internships for international students. At the MBA level, international students are expected to match the level of preparation and professionalism of their American peers who have spent many years to preparing.

Developing a process and checklist makes the internship search for international students a little bit easier. After all, moving to a new country is full of unknowns. This timeline is designed to take the mystery out of the MBA internship search process. It will keep you organized and on track so you don’t wait until April to start your CPT internship search. This timeline is aggressive. But that’s because the MBA job search is competitive. This timeline is designed to make you more competitive and help you get the skills you need to compete in the MBA internship process.

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