This is the second in the series Work Abroad Adventures, a comprehensive look at global work opportunities for ambitious international students.

For new international MBA students studying in the US it’s tempting to look at Wall Street as the go-to option for MBA finance jobs. But with H-1B making employers nervous and no guarantee of H-1B sponsorship, international MBA students should consider opportunities outside the US for opportunities.

Thankfully there are plenty of options for international finance students across the globe. The fintech sector has upended traditional banking systems and companies all over the world in the past five years. Global investment in the fintech sector topped $31 billion USD in 2017. Even JP Morgan, the employer of choice for future investment bankers, invested $9.5 billion in technology in 2016.

Translation: there’s money to be made and plenty of jobs at the cutting edge of finance and technology.

Working in fintech offers a range of opportunities in areas like mobile banking, payments, smart finance management, and of course, blockchain. There’s something for every job seeker looking for fintech jobs. Even if you’re not an MBA or if you lack finance experience, a fintech career path could still be an option. With so much growth, fintech companies need software engineers, sales and marketing experts, customer support specialists, UX designers, and more.

So if you’re finance minded or simply want to work in innovative companies instead of a traditional banking institutions, there are plenty of fintech jobs waiting for you.

Here are 7 leading startups outside the US to get you started (Note: Click on the company name to go directly to their fintech jobs page!)

London, UK

TransferWise – Online international money transfer
Raised $397 million

Sao Paulo, Brazil

NuBank – Brazilian app-only bank
Raised $527 million

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Adyen – Payments platform
Raised $266 million

Stockholm, Sweden

Klarna – Mobile and desktop payments platform
Raised $636 million

Zurich, Switzerland

Avaloq Group – Banking software
Raised $355 million

Nairobi, Kenya

Cellulant – Digital payments
Raised $45 million

Beijing, China

51 Credit – Online financial advisory
Raised $94 million

How to Get a Job in Fintech

Get prepared for your fintech job search. Start with the the CB Insights Global Fintech Trends 2018 Q1 report. And don’t forget to sign up for their newsletter.)

Then explore this report on the Top 100 Fintech innovators around the world.

Finding a job in fintech requires a lot more than creating a CV and waiting to get noticed. Here’s a good starter guide:

And if you’re still curious about working in the US fintech market here’s a map of the most well-funded fintech startups in the US. Study their products, services, know the fintech landscape, and find your fit to position yourself as a competitive candidate.

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