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"So what now?"

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Hey, I'm Nicolle. And I'm obsessed with global careers. When I returned from my first study abroad experience I knew I had to do it again. Foreign adventures were calling me. I wanted a job that took me to new places.

But I had no idea how to get that job.

My academic advisors had no advice.

My parents wanted me to settle down.

And all my friends were getting corporate jobs in the US.

I knew the traditional path wasn't going to work for me.

So I chose the globally curious path. The one filled with happy chaos, new languages, adventures with foreign coworkers, random jobs saving money until I could go abroad again, and plenty of unknowns. Throughout my job hopping career, I've:

  • Worked as a travel writer for private jet travel company
  • Traveled Canada, Australia, and New Zealand selling adventure trips
  • Interned in Thailand managing global volunteer programs
  • Studied as a full time international student in Denmark for my masters degree
  • Helped students as a study abroad advisor at UW
  • Worked remotely for a London-based international startup
  • Coached students as they pursued global careers at Yale School of Management

Getting paid to write during a private jet travel trip in Peru

Now I help globally curious students like you start and shape their international careers.

Your international future has so many potential:

  • Working at surf hostels in Nicaragua?
  • Travel writing in Argentina?
  • Working on a farm in New Zealand?
  • Grad school in Ireland?
  • Interning at a tech startup in Berlin?
  • Working for the UN?
  • Working remotely from an island?

The possibilities are exciting.

Not sure what you want to do for a career? Join the club!

International careers don't follow a straight path. And you don't need to know what you want to do to start making plans for your next adventure. The days of one career, one path, don't apply now.

You only need curiosity to start.

So get inspired. Get curious. And get advice.

Your international future kicks off here.

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