Top Companies that Hire International Students

New course: Companies that hire international students

Building a H1B jobs list just got easier with the new course, the Top 250 Companies that Offer H1B Visas. To find jobs for international students, you need to know which companies sponsor H1B visas. Whether you are looking for OPT engineering jobs or simply want to know the companies companies that sponsor h1b visas most consistently, this course will help you.

Your H1B job search just got easier

This course help you find companies that hire for H1B and save time in your job search. In the Top 250 Companies that Offer H1B for international students you get access to 250 company profiles, all with a history of sponsoring for the H1B visa. Each profile includes information to make it easy for you to learn about internships and opportunities. You get:

  • The company’s career website
  • A company’s internship postings and opportunities
  • Global opportunities at that company
  • LinkedIn recruiter contacts
  • The jobs that are offered H1B sponsorship

Use the information to:

  • Build a job or internship search strategy for that company
  • Learn who to connect with inside the company
  • Save time
  • Research company background information

Curious? Here’s a look at the list:

The H1B jobs list is recommended for:

  • F1 visa students who start early: this course is not recommended for students who have already graduated or used most of their OPT time. The average job search for international students takes over 6 months.
  • Students who want to learn why employers sponsor (and why they don’t), how to talk to employers about sponsorship, and how to deal with sponsorship rejection

This course is not recommended for:

  • Students who want to learn the details about OPT, CPT and H1B visas: I’m an international student career specialist, not an immigration lawyer. This isn’t a course to understand the visa rules and limitations. It’s a course to help you find companies that sponsor for H1B and build a target list.Visit your immigration office at school to learn detailed information about work authorization for international students.

Designed by an Ivy League MBA Career Coach

For two years at Yale School of Management, I coached and taught international students, alumni, and executives. I work with students who ended up in internships and jobs at top companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Bain, and the World Bank. I coached them and they did the hard work of engaging with their network and employers. I interviewed international student alumni working in the US to learn how they landed their jobs. I spoke with US employers and employers outside the US to learn what impresses them. I learned why they hire international candidates (it’s not a secret: they hire you because you can solve their immediate business problems). I designed over 25 workshops to help international students like you succeed in their search.


Do all companies on the Top 250 hire international students? 

Hopefully. There are no garuantees because hiring for H1B is always changing. However the companies on this list have filed for H1B for several years. This is the best indicator that they will continue to hire H1B candidates, like international students. Learn more about this in the course sections “Why you need to know about H1B visas” and “Does this company hire international students?”

Where does the H1b jobs list data come from?

The H1B data comes from publicly available government data on which companies petition for H1B.  See the methodology section on the course to learn more details.

When can I get access? 

The course launches in December 2017. If you purchase the course get access for two years!

Can you guarantee me a job? 

No. The job search involves a lot more than a list. The top 250 list is designed to save you time and help you find global companies that have a history of hiring for H1B.

Is the list downloadable? 

No. The list is a collection of profiles and not a spreadsheet that you can download. You can access the profiles any time you want but they are not downloadable.

So are you ready to learn more about the H1B job search?

International student job opportunities do exist. You just have to learn how to find and get them. If you’re an F1 visa student and you want help in the H1B job search, embrace your curiosity and check out the Top 250 Companies that Offer H1B List.