how to find h1b jobs

Want to learn how to find H1B jobs?

It’s the first question on every new international student’s mind: How do I find H1B jobs? It’s a normal question to ask. In the US, it’s difficult to find companies that sponsor H1B. There isn’t a master list of companies that sponsor international students. Visa sponsorship jobs are hidden among millions of opportunities. Companies that sponsor don’t always tell you that they will sponsor H1B for international students.

Luckily, we have a guide to help you start your OPT job search. Get all the information you need about how to find H1B jobs and the US job search.

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The International Student Job Search Guide includes:

  • How to Find a H1B Jobs in the US
  • H1B for International Students: What You Need to Know
  • Why Companies Sponsor H-1B and Why They Don’t
  • 6 Ways to Find Companies Who Sponsor
  • How to Get Hired as an International Student
  • How to Search for Jobs Outside the US (If your H1B plans doesn’t work out)

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