If you are an entry level job seeker or changing careers, you need to know the in-demand technical skills for the job you want.

Payscale.com is a research tool that helps you understand which skills are in-demand for the job you seek. Use this tool to:

  • Learn the vocabulary for your target role
  • Understand which skills are important for the role you want
  • Improve your competitiveness
  • Add keywords/skills to your resume and LinkedIn profile
  • Identify which skills you need to learn to be qualified for a role
  • Identify your skill gap and make a plan for getting the skills you need

Here’s how to identify in-demand skills

  1. Access Payscale.com research here.
  2. Type in the job title you want. Payscale provides options to help you explore.
  3. Click the +skills button
  4. View the skills list on the right, in the column titled Skills that Affect (position) salaries to see which skills make you competitive in the job market.

Below are three examples of how to use Payscale.com to learn the skills

Software Engineer

indemand technical skills

Marketing Analyst

 indemand technical skills

Product Manager

indemand technical skills

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indemand technical skills

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