If you’re searching for your dream internship, you will want to use multiple methods to find them. Many students limit their internship search to submitting resumes through a single platform. But there is more than one way to find international student internships.

Search platforms

While job search platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, and even Google pull internships, there area also internship specific platforms for students. Use them to see a wide range of opportunities. 





Project work

Practical work outside of the classroom often leads to additional opportunities. When you do good work people want you to do more of it! Look for consulting opportunities, volunteer work, or help a club on campus.  If a project is big enough you might just be able to make an internship out of it. Get creative. You can define and even pitch your own internship with the right company or organization. 

Company websites

international student internships

Company websites frequently post internship opportunities in their student and graduate sections. Search company websites for internships. Some websites allow you to save your search and email you when new internship opportunities are available. This makes your internship search easier and saves you time. Then locate information about campus recruiters. If you have a good LinkedIn profile, follow the company’s campus recruiters on LinkedIn.

 international student internships

Ask to connect with them (always send a personal message). If they like your background, they may let you know about future internship opportunities. 

Personal or Professional Contacts

Employee Referral

Employees are the first people to know when there is an opening in their office. They share these opportunities with their contacts. To find these opportunities, get to know the people around you – faculty, former interns, university staff, family friends – so they know you’re interested in an internship. Then use informational interviewing to reach out to people in companies where you want to work. When people get to know you and your internship goals, they share opportunities to help you. Building relationships with people during your internship search will help you when you start your H1B visa job search as well. 

Your On-Campus Career Center

international student internships

Don’t forget to connect with your career services staff. Make an appointment with a career coach. Let them know what interests you. Ask them what internships are a good fit for you. Pay attention to your school’s job search platform (i.e. Handshake, 12Twenty, Simplicity). Set up saved job searches on your campus platforms so you don’t miss internship application deadlines.

If you have friends at other schools, ask them if you can use their campus job search platform. Some companies only post their internships at specific schools. It’s possible a friend at a different campus might see internships you don’t see on your campus. You never now what you might find. 

Don’t forget to check with your international student services office to learn about CPT.

Want more advice for your internship search? Watch the webinar: The Internship Checklist.

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Slides from the Internship Checklist

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