It’s a busy time of year for many students. Here’s a quick review of international student job search tips to help you find work after graduation.

Be specific about what you want: The more specific you are, the better results you will get in your international student job search. Write down the answers to these questions:

What roles interest you and match with your skills and experience?

What skills do you offer a company?

What is your unique value to companies?

international student job search

Learn how to communicate your skills and experience: You can be the best programmer ever but if you can’t talk about about how you build or show an employer your work, you won’t get hired (unless you’re in machine learning, because everyone with machine learning skills gets hired!)

Build a target list of companies that hire international students:  The biggest challenge in the international student job search is finding companies that hire international students. Learn how to find those companies. Don’t waste time on companies that don’t offer H1B.

international student job search

Talk to people about your job search goals and career interests. People will help you if they know what you want. Talk about your interests, what motivates you, and tell people to look out for you. Talk to your classmates (they may know people), professors, career services staff, alumni, speakers who come to your campus.

Get all the professional training you can. Learn how to tell a professional narrative, mock interview like a pro, and present yourself in a way that impresses employers. Learn how to build an online presence – LinkedIn, personal website, portfolio, that shows your talents. The little things are the things that make you better than the other candidates.

international student job search

Get experience. Lead, create, build, teach – do something in school outside the classroom so you can show employers that you know how to collaborate, lead, and problem solve.

Be exceptional. Companies hire international students who are exceptional. You have to do more than American students to get noticed. Think big. Be creative. And always keep learning.

Be patient even in the face of rejection. Rejection sucks. You’re going to get a lot of it because not every company is a good fit for you. When a company decides to hire international students it is a business decision, not a personal one (even if it feels like it).

Here’s the extended roadmap to your job search: How to Find a Job as an International Student

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