The job market for international students is competitive. There is no easy route to finding jobs for international students after graduation. Even STEM graduates who looking for OPT jobs and are in demand among companies that sponsor international students, struggle to find opportunities. Finding H-1B jobs for international students after MS requires research, training, and good timing.

Luckily there’s a bit of help for international students who want to work in the US. GlobalMe School, the online platform for global career training, just released the H-1B Job Search Package. (note: International Student Careers is owned by GlobalMe School).

The H-1B job search package is a $29/month subscription to career courses for international students. If you’re an F1 visa student looking for options after graduation, the H-1B Job Search package will guide you through the process. With the subscription package you get access to online career training courses designed for international students.

How to find jobs for international students after graduation

jobs for international students after graduation

The H-1B Job Search package is a collection of courses to help you navigate a US internship or job search. Since you are new to the US, you have to learn how to search for a job. So these courses teach you everything you need to know about CPT internships and finding OPT jobs or H1B jobs.

The monthly subscription includes access to:

In addition to the courses, the subscription includes:

  • Access to private Facebook community with ongoing support, updates
  • Free access to all webinar recordings (new international student career webinars are hosted monthly)
  • Free access to new international student career guides (like the Internship Checklist)
  • First access to new courses


Uniquely designed for F1 students interested in working in the US 

First, these courses are designed specifically for international students studying in the US. In addition, they’re designed to integrate into the campus life. So they will teach you how to use resources that are available to you throughout your time in school. Most of all, these courses are available exactly when you need them in your search. Also, you don’t need to wait for a workshop or appointment to get the information you need.

Helpful for CPT internship seekers too 

All the content in the H-1B Job Search Package is useful for internship seekers. You need similar information to search for an internship or full time roll in the US.

Pay as you go 

Finding work in the US after graduation for international students takes several months. Even finding an internship can take many months. Therefore, you need a payment option that works for you. The H-1B Job Search package is $29 per month. When you get a job, simply cancel.

What to do before you subscribe 

First, if you’re just starting your search, read about what to expect in your search. Start by reading the free articles on this website. Recommended readings:

Next, watch the video introductions on the course pages to see if they fit your needs. Then preview some of the content. For example, on the LinkedIn for International Students Course page, you can preview how to find international student alumni in the US.

H1B job search

Remember: Searching for work in a foreign country takes time

The process for finding work in a foreign country takes time. Make sure you’re investing enough time into your search. It’s not enough to submit resumes online and wait. As an international job seeker, you need to build skills in persuasion, global dexterity, strategic research, and relationship building. If you’re up for the challenge, the H-1B Job Search Package will teach you how.


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