Finding jobs for international students after graduation is no easy task. From finding companies that sponsor to networking to interviews, learning to search for a job in the US takes a lot of work. Most international students spend months trying to figure out the basics, facing rejection from companies that don’t sponsor international students.

If this describes you, you aren’t alone. Tens of thousands of international students in the US try to figure out how to get a job in the US each year.

Over the last year, we’ve received hundreds of requests for help finding H1B jobs for international students after graduation. So this year we’re offering help finding job opportunities for international students in the USA.

That’s why we launched The H1B Jobs Accelerator Program.

The H1B Jobs Accelerator Program

This 8 week self-paced, online program is designed for serious international students only.

This online program is for international students in the US who are:

  • Graduating in less than 6 months
  • Passionate about getting US work experience
  • Unsure how to get a job in the US
  • Looking for jobs for international students after graduation

The job market for international students in challenging. However, recent changes to H1B visa means it may be easier for graduate students to find H1B jobs, as long as international students avoid IT consulting companies.

The H1B Accelerator Program is designed for international students who want to become competitive candidates. After all, to get a job in the US, you have to compete on skills and experience. A good GPA or completing your degree is not enough to get you a job in the US. Employers expect more. You have to show employers how you are specialized.

We show you how to be a more competitive candidate in the H1B Accelerator Program

How to Our Course Works

jobs for international students after graduation

This online course is divided into 8 weeks. You receive a unit every week by email.

Each week is a unit. Each unit is designed to give you insights into the US job search and improve your competitiveness.

Every seven days, we send you a new unit. We save you time by reminding you of a new unit. You get one unit at a time so you can focus on one piece of the US job search at a time.

Each month, we host Facebook Live events to answer unit questions. If you can’t attend, submit your questions in advance. We will answer them. Watch the replay at your convenience.

Learn how to find jobs for international students after graduation

We teach you everything you need to know about the US job search. The first four weeks teaches you to build a competitive foundation. The second four weeks teach you strategy and communication. The last two weeks teach you how to make progress in your job search.

  • Week 1: How to Find Companies that Sponsor
  • Week 2: How to Get Sponsored
  • Week 3: How to Know If You’re Qualified Before Applying
  • Week 4: How to Network: Create Your Professional Story
  • Week 5: How to Network: Build Contacts Using LinkedIn
  • Week 6: How to Network: Get Referrals with Informational Interviews
  • Week 7: How to Beat the Competition with the 5.3.1. Method
  • Week 8: How to Succeed in American Style Interviews
  • BONUS CONTENT: How to Troubleshoot Your Job Search When You Get Stuck
  • BONUS CONTENT: How to Search for Jobs Outside the US

This course gives you:

  • 300 companies in a list to help you find companies that sponsor
  • 50+ video explanations to improve your US job search outcomes
  • 10+ email templates to save time in your outreach
  • 3 explanatory webinars with Q&A from international students about the US job search strategy (60+ min each)
  • 2 Bonus sections included in the price
  • email weekly to help you get closer to your dream job in the US.
  • Monthly Facebook live events for Q&A

This 8 week course is less expensive than a personal career coach for international students. You’ll get specialized content and insights specifically for international students in our online course.

The price is $99 for anyone accepted into the first group in April. For student accepted into a later cohort, the price goes up to $147.

H1B Jobs List
List of 300 companies that sponsor H1B

Limited to 100 students

The program is limited to 100 students each month. You must apply to be accepted.

Applications are available through signup only. Applications open for one week a month.

Visit the course page here to learn more. And sign up for details here:

One free scholarship each month

Each month we provide a free scholarship for the H1B Accelerator program for one randomly selected international student.

Full details will be available during the application process.

Support for your US job search goals

If you are searching jobs for international students after graduation this is the course to help you get ahead and achieve your dreams!

Don’t approach your job search alone. Get confidence and strategy with the H1B Jobs Accelerator Program. We help you understand what employers want and why they sponsor international students.

We teach you how to adapt to American business culture. We show you how to succeed in your search.

The H1B Jobs Accelerator Program is designed for passionate, ambitious international students like you.

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