If you’ve started your internship search, you’ve likely already heard this advice: LinkedIn is a must-use tool for your search. It’s incredibly useful for creating new professional contacts and being seen by the people who are hiring. It’s the tool you’ll use to find a contact who can provide an employee referral.  Most students limit themselves to creating a profile and checking jobs. But you can do so much more.

Following people on LinkedIn is an easy way to improve your job search results. It gives you insider access and insights into the job search that you didn’t know you were missing. Here are four reasons international students like you should follow people on LinkedIn.

1. Find opportunities you didn’t know existed

People share opportunities on LinkedIn. You don’t even need to be connected to see them. You simply need to follow them. Follow recruiters from companies to know what positions are open.

 linkedin profile examples for students

 linkedin profile examples for students

LinkedIn Opportunities

BONUS TIP:  Like their posts if you qualify so they can discover your profile.

BONUS TIP #2: Share their posts so your network and peers know about them. If it can’t help you, it may help others.

2. Get advice in your search

As a job seeker in a new country, the unwritten rules of the job search aren’t always clear. You’ll get free career advice, tips, and ideas when you follow people.

 linkedin profile examples for students
LinkedIn Advice

Informational interview tips

LinkedIn Advice

3. Get insight into a hiring manager’s perspective

It’s helpful to know what employers are thinking when they review you. Luckily they’ll tell you.

LinkedIn Advice

 linkedin profile examples for students

LinkedIn Advice international students

4. Get inspired

It’s motivating to see others succeed and learn how they did it. Success stories are common on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Advice International Student

LinkedIn Advice International Students

LinkedIn Advice Rejection

If you’re on LinkedIn start following people like recruiters, company founders, and executives. Follow other people at companies that interest you. If you want to take the relationship further and connect with people you don’t know, always remember this advice:

LinkedIn personal message

Want to learn how to use LinkedIn to improve your job search?

Explore the course: 


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LinkedIn for international students


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