“What are the companies that hire international students?” It’s the first question at the start of every international student’s search in the U.S. Finding companies that hire international students and offer H1B job opportunities is a tough task. The data on companies who petition the government for H1B visas is publicly available. But it’s not always easy to find.

Is there a master list of companies that hire international students?

Technically there is no master list of companies that hire international students. The publicly available data isn’t a list of companies that received the H1B visa. There’s only a database of companies that have submitted petitions for an H1B visas on behalf of their international candidates. If a company intends to hire an international candidate they must petition the government for the H1B visa. This data is a good indication that a company is open to sponsoring international students. There is now a Top 250 List of Companies that Hire International Students for purchase at GlobalMe School.

How to find companies that hire international students

List of companies that hire international students

If you don’t feel like paying for the full 250 list, you can take a mini-course to help you use the database, myvisajobs.com to find which companies sponsor: How to Find Companies that Offer H1B Sponsorship

Take this course and you’ll learn:

  • A brief overview of the H-1B process
  • Which companies offer international student employment
  • The most in demand jobs among companies that sponsor
  • The top cities where employers sponsor
  • How to find out if your dream company sponsors

The course is on-demand which means you can access it any time you need it. Also, it’s free!
how to find companies hiring international students

How to find jobs for international students

Finding international student career opportunities takes time. Start by building a list of companies that sponsor. Once you have a list search for entry-level opportunities for college students (or mid-career for graduate students) on their website. When you see a job opening, search mysvisajobs.com  to see if the company has sponsored for that role in the past. If you see that position in the database (or that occupation type), it is likely the company will consider an international student.

Depending on your university, your career services office may keep a list of companies that hire international students. Lists often include the type of role the students was hired for. MBA programs report their employment data to a national body for rankings information. MBA programs usually have a list of companies that hired international students.

Some universities produce employment reports. For example, MIT’s Master of Finance program, a program with 90% international students, produces an employment report each year. While it doesn’t include a section on OPT job opportunities, it does provide a list of companies that hired MFIN graduates.

Companies hiring international students

Ask your career services department for a list of companies that have hired international students. Or search other university career services websites to find their employment reports.

Reminder: Just because a company sponsors international students doesn’t mean it will sponsor for all jobs

A company’s decides to sponsor an international student when it has a business need. If a company has enough applications from American employees, a company is less likely to hire an international student. Companies are most open to H1B sponsorship for candidates applying to these positions:

  • Software Developers
  • Computer Systems Analysts and Programmers
  • Management Analysts
  • Accountants And Auditors
  • Network And Computer Systems Administrators
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Financial Analysts
  • Database Administrators

These are the most popular positions that employers have sponsored in the past. However, it doesn’t mean a marketing major or designer can’t get an H1B job. It just means fewer employers are willing to sponsor for those roles (and they are a harder to find as there are fewer of them). According to myvisajobs.com, Calvin Klein filed H1B petitions for 3 designers last year. IDEO, one of the top innovation and design consulting firms in the world, filed H1B petitions for 7 communication designers and 49 for interaction designers. Compare that to Amazon, who filed 1,125 petitions for applications software developers.

Reminder #2: The international student job search is like finding a needle in the haystack

There’s a popular idiom in the English language: it’s like finding a needle in a haystack. It means that something is extremely hard to find.  Finding a company that hires international students is extremely hard to find. It’s the needle in the haystack. You can do it though!


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Top 250 Companies that Hire International Students

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