The American CV: Understanding the US resume for international students

Adapting your CV to the US resume format is bit of a puzzle. American employers want short resumes, action verbs, and results. If you’ve never written an American CV the process can feel frustrating.

Resume writing is a learned skill. Nobody starts out knowing how to write a perfect resume. American students spend hours learning how to write a resume that shows off their professional experience. As an international student, it takes longer to get resumes right because resumes differ by culture. In some countries it is ok to include a photo, religion, marital status, and birth date. Unfortunately, American employers will not read your resume if you include those details. Resumes are shorter, action-oriented (they want to see results over academics), and error-free.

To find a job in the US, you need to avoid common resume mistakes.  Here are the top resume mistakes to avoid as an international student writing your first American CV.

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