Job fairs for international students: How to stand out

Job fairs are challenging places. There are a lot of students and not always a lot of time. You have to be assertive yet friendly. It’s a crash course in American-style business communication. But with preparation and practice you can use career fairs to stand out in the job search.

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Finding contacts on LinkedIn: Informational Interview basics

If you’re new to LinkedIn, it can feel a bit awkward to get started. The first step is completing your profile. Your school will have a workshop on how to complete your LinkedIn profile but YouTube also has plenty of tutorials.

LinkedIn is more than a profile – you have an entire community of people with professional interests like yours. You need to find those people. Connecting with people on LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to learn about new positions, get advice, and share your ideas so you can get noticed. Once you have a profile, it’s time to find connections.

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Get a list of companies that sponsor H1B in the US

Our list of companies that sponsor H1B is now included in the International Student Job Search Training Package. If you are looking for companies that hire international students & sponsor H1B, the 300 Companies that Sponsor H1B will get your started.

Since there is no official list of companies that hire international students in the USA, it takes a lot of research to figure out which companies sponsor H1B. If you don’t want to spend time researching companies that hire H1B workers, the next option is a list of companies that have a history of hiring H1B. So we built an H1B jobs list.

List of 300 companies that sponsor H1B

H1B Jobs List
List of 300 companies that sponsor H1B
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Top 10 informational interview questions for international students

An informational interview is the most valuable tool in the international student job search. If you are an international student looking for an H1B job and want to get sponsored by a company, you must spend time conducting informational interviews.

The goal of the informational interview is to:

  • learn valuable information from your host
  • make a good impression
  • make a connection that may help you later in the job search
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H1B Accelerator Program Scholarship

Our first cohort for the H1B Accelerator Program launches on April 6.

To celebrate, we’re giving away one free scholarship for our first cohort!

If you want to learn how to get a job in the US, stand out to US employers, save time in your job search, and explore your options outside of H1B, the H1B Accelerator Program is for you.

Scholarship and admissions details for the H1B Accelerator Program

Scholarship details for the H1B Accelerator Program April 2019

To qualify for the H1B Accelerator Program Scholarship you must be an international student currently studying in the US.

You must be an F1 visa student graduating in Spring 2019.

To apply for the scholarship, simply fill out the program application, indicate your interest in a scholarship, and submit it by the due date (April 3 11:59pm PST).

One applicant will be selected randomly from qualified applications. The winner will be notified on April 4 and receive access to the program on April 6.

H1B Accelerator Program April 2019

The scholarship (a $147 value) is not transferrable to another date or refundable.

The H1B Accelerator Program and scholarship application is only available through our email list. Our program is for serious international students only. Interested students must sign up to receive an application. Applications are open for three days only.

Indicate your interest by signing up on the program page here.

Admissions process for the H1B Accelerator Program

The H1B Accelerator Program for international students

In the H1B Accelerator Program, we’ll teach you how to get a job in the US. The program is led by the author of How to Get a Job in the USA: A Practical Guide for International Students, and includes 8 weeks of insider information on how to get an H1B job.

Take a look at what you’ll learn:

If you want to learn how to get a job in the US, this is your program.

Get results in your H1B job search

We tell you what you need to know to get hired in the US. If you have questions about our H1B Accelerator Program, we have answers. Read our FAQ. Join our Facebook group (answer the questions for entry) to watch our info session.

Explore how our career training program for international students works:

How the H1B Accelerator Program works

H1B Accelerator Program: March Information Session

Our 8-week H1B Accelerator Program launches in April 2019. Our first cohort of 100 graduating international students will learn how to get a job in the US.

We’re hosting a 30 min Facebook Live information session Friday, March 22, at 10am PST for interested international students.

Join to get information about the H1B Accelerator Program including: 

  • Admissions and application (We only accept 100 students)
  • Start dates
  • Scholarship (We give away one free scholarship per cohort)
  • Program syllabus
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The new list of 300 Companies that Sponsor H1B

Curious? Make sure you’re in our Facebook group

Can’t make the info session? Make sure you’re in our Facebook group to watch the replay. 

Know a friend who is searching for a job in the US? Send them this post!

Explore the H1B Accelerator Program.

The Top 25 Companies that Sponsor H1B for Data Scientists

This is part of our 2019 series exploring UCSIC H1B visa sponsors data and H1B companies.

Data scientists are in demand among tech companies. If you are studying data science and looking for companies that sponsor H1B for data scientists, here are 25 H1B companies that sponsored H1B for data scientists in 2018.

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The Top 25 High Paying Companies that Sponsor H1B for Data Analysts

This is part of our 2019 series exploring UCSIC H1B visa sponsors data and H1B companies.

According to UCSIC H1B data, there were over 1,300+ H1B applications submitted in 2018 for data analyst roles. And that was just for the title Data Analyst. Some companies hire for data analysts using different titles like Data Analyst 1, Data Analyst 4, Data Specialist, and more, resulting in hundreds more H1B applications for people who can work with data.

Many IT staffing and outsourcing firms are also hiring for a data analysts. However, IT outsourcing and staffing firms face greater scrutiny and H1B application rejection from the US Government. It is best to avoid applying to IT staffing and consulting firms if possible in your search.

Here are the top 25 companies that sponsor H1B for data analysts and pay the best.

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Get help finding H1B jobs for international students after graduation

Finding jobs for international students after graduation is no easy task. From finding companies that sponsor to networking to interviews, learning to search for a job in the US takes a lot of work. Most international students spend months trying to figure out the basics, facing rejection from companies that don’t sponsor international students.

If this describes you, you aren’t alone. Tens of thousands of international students in the US try to figure out how to get a job in the US each year.

Over the last year, we’ve received hundreds of requests for help finding H1B jobs for international students after graduation. So this year we’re offering help finding job opportunities for international students in the USA.

That’s why we launched The H1B Jobs Accelerator Program.

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H1B changes 2019: Latest news for international students

The rumors around H1B changes have been around for months. Yesterday, we finally heard updated USCIS H1B news. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) released their final decision on H1B changes.

First, here is what did not change. The H1B visa is still obtained through an employer. The H1B visa process will still be done through a lottery. There are still only 85,000 H1B visas available (excluding cap exempt H1B visas).

However, the order in which they process H1B visas has changed. Instead of having two lotteries, with one specific one for advanced degrees, they will have only one. USCIS predicts that the change will “increase the number of advanced-degree holders selected in the lottery by 16 percent, or 5,340 workers each year.”

Cat angry at H1B changes 2019
This cant isn’t please with H1B changes

H1B changes 2019: How they affect international students

The good news (if you’re a graduate student): You have a better chance of getting an H1B visa in the lottery.

The bad news: It’s still a lottery system which still makes employers nervous. Getting an H1B visa is still very much luck.

What stays the same: You still have to convince employers to sponsor you. That’s where the hard work is. The new H1B changes do not change that. It will still be just as hard to find companies that sponsor. It’s not impossible though.

As an international student in a new country, you have to learn how to job search. To get companies to sponsor you, must become the best candidate possible. It takes a lot of work.

Beyond H1B changes 2019: What to focus on now

Now that you know for certain about H1B changes, focus your attention on becoming the candidate that employers want to sponsor. The most in demand international students have:

Technical skills like data analytics, data science, data engineering and architecture, coding skills, software engineering, machine learning, etc.

Communication skills like relationship building, project and product management, and written communication skills.

A unique offer that helps the company do business better or solve an important problem.

Employers want to hire candidates who have a perfect combination of technical and communication skills. If you want to get sponsored, always ask yourself this question before applying: What do I offer the team and company that I want to join? When you know the answer, you’re ready to apply for the job.

Advice for the H1B Job Search

Finding companies that sponsor international students is only one small step. There’s much more to do. Use the resources below to make sure you’re learning all of the pieces to get a company to sponsor you in the US.

Learn how to get a job in the US job.

Create a strong American Style resume

Create a professional story so employers get to know you

Hang out with Americans

Explore how to find companies that sponsor

Get better at reaching out to people on email and conduct informational interviews

Learn how to interview in the American culture.

Get practical experience outside of the classroom

Support for the H1B Job Search

We offer a lot of support for international students looking to work in the US.

Opportunities beyond the H1B Job Search

Tech jobs abroad

Since getting an H1B visa is part luck, there’s good reason to look at opportunities beyond H1B jobs.

For example, Canada has better visa process than the US. Canada is actively open for foreign tech workers.

There are also plenty of opportunities at international startups.

For serious job seekers who want to pursue a job outside the US, check out our webinar for a step by step discussion: How to Build an International Job Search Strategy