This is part of our 2019 series exploring UCSIC H1B visa sponsors data and H1B companies.

According to UCSIC H1B data, there were over 1,300+ H1B applications submitted in 2018 for data analyst roles. And that was just for the title Data Analyst. Some companies hire for data analysts using different titles like Data Analyst 1, Data Analyst 4, Data Specialist, and more, resulting in hundreds more H1B applications for people who can work with data.

Many IT staffing and outsourcing firms are also hiring for a data analysts. However, IT outsourcing and staffing firms face greater scrutiny and H1B application rejection from the US Government. It is best to avoid applying to IT staffing and consulting firms if possible in your search.

Here are the top 25 companies that sponsor H1B for data analysts and pay the best.

  • Fox Cub
  • Jam City Inc
  • Nanometrics Inc
  • Nexon M Inc
  • Paperless Inc
  • Reputationcom
  • Social Finance Inc
  • Sequoia Benefits and Insurance Services LLC
  • Stripe Inc
  • Vmware Inc
  • Walt Disney Pictures
  • Whatsapp Inc
  • Zillow Inc
  • Ziprecruiter Inc
  • Oath Holdings Inc
  • Ibm Corporation
  • Biomarin Pharmaceutical Inc
  • Randstad Technologies LLC
  • JPmorgan Chase & Co
  • Mckinsey & Company Inc
  • Twilio Inc
  • Mcafee LLC
  • Zynga Inc
  • Uber Technologies Inc
  • Lyft Inc
  • Cisco Systems Inc

The role of a data analyst varies between organizations. Make sure you have the needed skills for an entry level data analyst role. From Payscale, these skills are:

  • SAS
  • Tableau Software
  • R
  • SQL
  • “Data Mining / Data Warehouse”
  • Data Modeling
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Statistical Analysis
  • National
  • Data Analysis
  • Database Management & Reporting

Also, data analyst isn’t the same as as business analyst. Know the difference between a data analyst and a business analyst.

Also keep in mind there are other positions that work with data. Explore these as options related to your data analyst training:

  • Data engineers
  • Database analyst
  • Data modeler
  • Data manager
  • Data administrators

A list of companies that sponsor H1B is a good start to your search. But you have to do more. Learn how to get hired in the US in the H1B Accelerator Program.

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