Top Companies that Hire International Students

New course: Companies that hire international students

To find jobs for international students, you need to know which companies sponsor H1B visas. Whether you are looking for OPT engineering jobs or simply want to know the companies companies that sponsor h1b visas most consistently, there is a new list to help you: Top 250 Companies that Offer H1B Visas.

Save time in your H1B job search 

Find companies that hire for H1B and save time in your job search. In the Top 250 Companies that Offer H1B list for international students you get access to 250 company profiles, all with a history of sponsoring for the H1B visa.

  • Direct links to the company’s career and internship website
  • Links to international opportunities at that company
  • Links to LinkedIn recruiter contacts
  • List of jobs that are more commonly offered H1B sponsorship
  • Data-backed information from Glassdoor on the best way to get a job at the company
  • List of top companies in the US that you have never heard of, many of which your competition isn’t applying to

Companies that hire STEM OPT students

Need a free list of companies that hired F1 visa students on OPT STEM last year? We have one here.

H1B Companies in the Most Popular States

Before you look at our big 250 list, make sure you explore our free H-1B guides by state first. We compiled the data on the top companies that sponsor in the most popular states for H-1B jobs and international students. Find out which companies sponsor international students by these states:

Top Companies that Sponsor H-1B in Washington

Top Companies that Sponsor H-1B in New York

Top Companies that Sponsor H-1B in New Jersey

Top Companies that Sponsor H-1B in Illinois

Top Companies that Sponsor H-1B in California

Curious? Explore the Top 250 Companies that Offer H1B list here. 

H1B jobs list

The H1B jobs list is recommended for:

  • F1 visa students who start early: this course is not recommended for students who have already graduated or used most of their OPT time. The average job search for international students takes over 6 months.
  • Students who want to learn why employers sponsor (and why they don’t), how to talk to employers about sponsorship, and how to deal with sponsorship rejection

Designed by an Ivy League MBA Career Coach

Get Ivy League career training no matter your school. This list was developed by Nicolle Merrill, founder of GlobalMe School and the former Associate Director of Career Services at Yale School of Management.


Do all companies on the Top 250 hire international students? 

There are no guarantees because hiring for H1B is always changing. However the companies on this list have filed for H1B for several years. This is the best indicator that they will continue to hire H1B candidates, like international students.

Where does the H1b jobs list data come from?

The H1B data comes from publicly available government data on which companies petition for H1B.  See the methodology section on the course to learn more details.

Can you guarantee me a job? 

No. The job search involves a lot more than a list. The top 250 list is designed to save you time and help you find global companies that have a history of hiring for H1B.

Is the list downloadable? 

No. The list is a collection of profiles and not a spreadsheet that you can download. You can access the profiles any time you want but they are not downloadable.

A list is only the start. Get the knowledge you need to succeed in your US job search. Learn more in the book: How to Get a Job in the USA