Searching for a job in a foreign country is hard work. Finding companies that sponsor and creating a solid H-1B jobs list is a frustrating process. Getting rejected from an interview sucks. So sometimes it’s good to have a bit of support.

This year GlobalMe School has created an easy place to find job search tips for international students. In our new Facebook group for international student careers, you have a place to share experiences, ask questions, and meet each other.

Free job search tips for international students

In the group, students:

  • Learn about new companies, industries, and in-demand roles
  • Get details about the US, including best places to live and work
  • Get advice on how to network and navigate the US job search
  • Stay up to date on H-1B changes
  • Learn about opportunities and job search strategies outside the US
  • Be the first to know about free webinars for international students
  • Learn when new posts are available on
  • Meet and exchange LinkedIn profiles with other international students to build your network
  • Future surprises!

Are you an international student who needs support in your job search?

Join us and request access to the private group here. 

And don’t forget, GlobalMe School offers two free courses that provide even more job search tips for international students. Try them out:

How to Find US Companies that Offer H-1B Sponsorship 

Improve Your American Small Talk

International students who graduate in 2019 can apply to join our H1B Jobs Accelerator Cohort. Get details here.


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