jobs for international students

The job market for international students is competitive. There is no easy route to finding jobs for international students after graduation. Even STEM graduates who looking for OPT jobs struggle to find opportunities. Finding H-1B jobs for international students after MS requires research, training, and good timing.

Luckily there’s a bit of help for international students who want to work in the US. GlobalMe School, the online career platform for global careers, invites ambitious international students to join the The US Job Search Accelerator Cohort. (note: International Student Careers is owned by GlobalMe School).

The US Job Search Accelerator Cohort offers job search strategy and support for F1 visa students looking for options after graduation.

How to find jobs for international students after graduation

jobs for international students

The US Job Search Accelerator Cohort group helps international students navigate the H1B job search. Students learn how to find CPT internships and finding OPT jobs or H1B jobs.

The Accelerator Cohort provides:

  • 300 H-1B company profiles
  • 56 video explanations about international student job search topics
  • 20+ email templates
  • 4 webinars on internship and job search strategy (60+ min each)
  • 2 monthly group coaching sessions a month
  • 1 email weekly with goals and advice to help you get closer to your dream job in the US.

In addition to the courses, the subscription includes:

  • Access to private Facebook community with ongoing support, updates
  • Free access to webinar recordings hosted monthly
  • Structure to help you make progress on your goals
  • Expert career coaching designed specifically for international students interested in H1B jobs.

Uniquely designed for F1 students interested in working in the US 

Frustrated by the lack of career resources for international students on your campus?  You don’t need to wait for a workshop or appointment. You get the information you need when you are part of the US Job Search Accelerator Cohort.

Helpful for CPT internship seekers too 

All the content in the The US Job Search Accelerator Cohort is useful for internship seekers. You need similar information to search for an internship or full time roll in the US.

Applications open monthly

We limit our group to 100 members at a time. You must apply to get accepted into the cohort. Sign up on the introduction page to get notified when a new cohort is accepting applications. 

Remember: Searching for work in a foreign country takes time

The process for finding work in a foreign country takes time. Make sure you’re investing enough time into your search. It’s not enough to submit resumes online and wait. As an international job seeker, you need to build skills in persuasion, global dexterity, strategic research, and relationship building. If you’re up for the challenge,The US Job Search Accelerator Cohort will teach you how.

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