While there’s still no official list of companies that sponsor H-1B, there is now a list for companies that hire international students on STEM OPT. The Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) just released a list of STEM OPT employers that provided STEM OPT in 2017. That means these companies are hiring opt international students.

All F1 visa students have the option for OPT visa. If you are a international student studying in a STEM field (science, tech, engineering or math), you have the option to apply for an OPT STEM extension for an additional 2 year of OPT. (note: if any of this doesn’t make sense – check in with your international student office for an intro to your work authorization options!)

Understanding companies that hire OPT students


Many employers on this list are IT outsourcing or staffing companies. Companies like Tata, Infosys, Cognizant Technology Solutions, and more are outsourcing companies. While they are companies that hire international students they are less likely to sponsor for H-1B. So if your goal is to stay beyond the length of your OPT STEM extension, we don’t advise working for IT outsourcing or staffing companies.

Research is an important part of an H1B job search

Staffing companies like Kforce and Kelly Services, for example, also pay less as they are charging the hosting employer a fee for placing you. Always do your research on all companies to learn whether you will be employed directly by the target company, a staffing service, or an IT outsourcing company. 

Universities are H-1B cap-exempt

Many companies on the list are universities. Most universities are exempt from the H-1B lottery, meaning they have less risk in obtaining an H-1B visa. Therefore, they may be more open to H-1B sponsorship if you are a specialized worker.  Again, if you didn’t know this, now is a good time to check in with your university. They offer workshops on work authorization for international students. So check visa information with the source, either your international student office or an immigration attorney.


Below are the top 75 companies from the newly released government data. Unfortunately it’s hard to tell from this list if employers offer entry level jobs for opt students or OPT jobs for graduate students.

Also these companies aren’t guaranteed to sponsor H1B jobs. Some of the companies on this list like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft sponsor H1B. These are companies that are widely known to sponsor international students.

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Top 75 companies hiring international international students on STEM OPT

Integra Technologies
Infosys Limited
XCG Design Corp
Cisco SYstems
Findream LLC
Cognizant Technology Solutions
Cerner Corporation
CG Max
Stanford Unviersity
Populus Group
University of Michigan
University of Pennsylvania
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC)
Goldman Sachs
Nemo IT Solutions
Northwestern University
Capgemini America
Columbia University
Purdue University
Johns Hopkins University
Harvard University
JP Morgan Chase
Nixsol Inc
Pioneer Consulting Services
Applied Computer Technologies
Amensys Inc
Apex Systems
Capital ONe
LinkedIn Corporation
Arecy LLC
Baylor College of Medicine
Wayfair LLC
Qualcomm Technologies
University of Washington
Nvidia Corporation
Massachusetts General Hospital
University of Florida
Pro‐Tek Consulting
The Ohio State University
Edge IT
The Mathwords
Morgan Stanley
Cornell University
Yale University
University of California, Berkeley
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
University of Minnesota
Uber Technologies
Epic Systems Corporation
Modis E&T
Duke University
California Institute
Mythri Consulting LLC
Michigan State University
Randstad Technologies
University of PIttsburgh

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